Orchid Spa Massage Make massage therapy a regular part of your healthy lifestyle. You could expect the benefits of relaxed over used muscles, increased circulation, enhanced immunity, decreased stress and anxiety, and more…

We are committed to provide all our customer a stress-free experience, as well as providing a relaxing environment.  

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8910 Turkey Lake Rd.Ste. C-140
Orlando, FL 32819
Open 7 days a week from 10am - 10pm
This room is used to help couples introducing their significant other who has never went to a massage. Couples massage is a way that makes your other half feel more comfortable the first time.
 This room is set up for our customers to enjoy their foot massage. By laying back on these foot massage and enjoy our professional Chinese acupuncture.
All our client have a private and to enjoy their relaxing and soothing massage. Smooth music played to create a more relaxing atmosphere.
Couple Massage Room
Single Massage Room
Foot Massage Room
Our Facial room has all the equipment that is needed to make your face shine again. We have a facial machine with muti-function such as steam to loose up your pores, high beam light to see what you cant see with naked eye.
Facial Room
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Vicky Shower Room
A Vichy shower is a kind of shower in which large quantities of warm water are poured over a spa patron while he or she lies in a shallow wet bed, similar to a massage table, but with drainage for the water.